Cyberpunk Editorial -

Jing Daily

According to their official website, Jing Daily is a digital publication covering luxury consumer trends in China. 

With the continuous rise of new innovations and evolving technology, it's no wonder that the idea of a 'cyberpunk' world has taken a lot of media by storm. From Love, Death and Robots to the Cyberpunk 2077 videogame, this futuristic genre has made it's mark in modern work. 

As someone fascinated by technology (and an avid lover of videogames), this particular aesthetic and design direction was something I wanted to explore further.


Striking the balance between a distant future and our current reality, the objective was to create a legible and dynamic editorial piece that ventured past the boundaries of paper.

Art Director - Suri Jeyakumar

Graphic Designer - Suri Jeyakumar




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A QR code is the center of the promotional campaign for this particular article. A popular and easy way to access anything on the internet, it's purpose is understood with little to no explanation needed. 

The promotional aspect of the campaign was built on intrigue and curiosityI wanted the QR code to be presented in a way that would fit with the subject matter of the article while also encouraging viewers to link in when they see it. As the article has so bluntly put it:

"The usual subject matter can no longer attract their attention."

With this in mind, I chose to promote this article using projections around the city of a QR code that links to the online page. Projected at odd hours through the night (or day) and offering nothing else as an explanation, the QR code is the key to attract every curious mind and expose them to Jing Daily and their cyberpunk article. 

article QR code blue.png

It works!

Scan to read the article by Jing Daily.